• Thu. May 26th, 2022

NGO launches mobile app to survey school quality

In order to enable schools to ensure the full development of a child, Solar Trust, a non-profit organization, in association with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), launched Adolescent Responsive Schools (ARS ) – a mobile application.

The app would serve as a channel with school authorities to communicate the availability or lack of facilities in public schools across the state.

Through the ARS, Solar Trust hopes to gain consolidated information on the facilities available to adolescents, specifically focused on high schools and public high schools. The five main areas covered by the app are: inclusion of all adolescents, an effective learning environment for all adolescents, a basic minimum standard of safety / protection / health / hygiene, gender sensitivity and the participation of students, parents and the community in school management.

In total, 5,000 public schools – at least 125 in each district will be studied. “The school principal will have to connect to the application and answer a total of 66 questions. The questions were all formulated following discussions on the ground with children, ”said Shiyam Sundar, director of Solar Trust, an NGO.

Through the directors of education in each district, they hope to collect the data by January 15.

With the information gathered and a discussion with all stakeholders in Chennai, the organizers hope to make representation to the state government by February 2022.

Akila Radhakrishnan, Social Policy Officer, UNICEF, launched the app via a video call while teacher representatives from all districts attended the training program on its use.