• Thu. May 26th, 2022

Ofcom unveils new mobile phone rules – and they will improve phone signal for millions

The regulator Ofcom is repealing a rule that made certain types of cell phone signal boosters illegal, meaning millions of Britons could receive a better signal at home.

Not being able to receive a signal in your own home can be extremely frustrating.

Ofcom announced new rules to help homes with poor phone signal.

Regulators are changing the rules regarding the types of mobile phone signal boosters that are legal to buy in the UK.

The goal is to strengthen the signal indoors and in people’s homes, with the aim of overcoming the dreaded signal dead center.

Online comparison company Uswitch reported in March this year that around 30 million UK cell phone users are struggling to get the signal in their own homes.

Twenty-seven percent said they had to go to different rooms in the house on a regular basis to get a better signal, 14% had to leave their home, and 19% said they needed to use online communication services instead. line like WhatsApp.

New legislation allowing the use of unlicensed repeaters could provide homes across the country with a dramatically improved telephone signal


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Signal boosters, known as indoor mobile repeaters, could previously only be used with a license, but in April of this year (2021) two types of repeaters were legalized.

One type, known as a static cell phone repeater, is aimed at improving the signal inside buildings, such as homes, offices.

However, they cannot be used in other circumstances such as a moving vehicle.

The second is a low gain cell phone repeater, designed for use inside cars and other road vehicles.

These cannot be used in other vehicles such as boats or fixed-pitch caravans.

Signal boosters will now be allowed in UK homes

However, two new types of booster are now being introduced: vendor-specific operator repeaters and multi-operator repeaters.

Provided they meet Ofcom’s technical requirements, amplifiers will be able to provide the amplified signal of more than one telephone company at a time.

The boosters will aim to pick up a strong signal from the outside and help it get inside more effectively.

Ofcom said: We will not endorse or endorse specific products; but to help people find legal mobile repeaters, we will post a list of devices that meet the technical requirements on our website. “

Boosters previously needed a license due to concerns that they could cause interference with other networks and potentially disrupt other users.

In its report, Ofcom said: “Further technical analysis has convinced us that we can safely expand the range of self-installed repeaters that can operate without a license. “

Buffering will finally become a thing of the past

If you feel that getting a new legal extender is still not the solution for you and your home, WiFi calling is available, allowing users to make calls through their broadband connection without downloading an app or needing to use it. person to whom you are calling. .

You may need to discuss enabling this option with your service provider.

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