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QuickStart released a new mobile app for Bootcamp students

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jul 27, 2022

The new QuickStart mobile app – QSBootcamp – is out! QuickStart is excited to offer a new way for students to access computer training programs. The app was designed to help bootcamp students track their learning, certification progress, and manage communications with their mentor. It will allow convenient, on-the-go access for students.

The certification tracking feature is particularly important, as it allows students to track their progress towards each certification in their bootcamp program. It offers relevant certifications to each student based on their future IT training and career goals.

QSBootcamp is supported on Apple and Android devices. Currently our app is best suited for our QuickStart Bootcamp students and not other certification programs.

QuickStart offers 5 different bootcamp programs: Cyber ​​Security, Cloud Engineering, Data Science & Analytics, Web Development, and Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning. Students enrolled in one of these programs will be able to use the new app and access their student profile.

Access on the mobile app includes:

  • Certification follow-up
  • Mentoring and coaching
  • Take and complete courses
  • Career Services (COMING SOON!)

Stay tuned for the upcoming development of the QuickStart mobile app! New features will include a quiz assessment, a “bootcamp preview”, a view of Career Services office hours availability, the ability to speak with a Career Services representative, and a real-time bulletin board positions available in technology partner companies.

About Quick Start

QuickStart offers over 50 virtual IT certificate courses and bootcamp training programs to help students advance in their careers and prepare for the workforce. Our growing course catalog covers hundreds of technologies we partner with, AWS, Microsoft Azure, CompTIA, Cisco, and more. We work with industry experts, hiring managers and IT professionals to curate the most up-to-date curriculum.

Providing IT certification and training for 35 years has enabled QuickStart to develop an AI-based cloud platform – CLIPP. The Cognitive Learning & IT Project Performance (CLIPP) platform improves the learning process for students by personalizing their learning plan based on their career goals.

Upon completion of the course, we provide career services to assist with CV creation and the job search process. We have students who work successfully in well-known companies such as HP, IBM, Visa, Apple, etc. We’ve also had students who have used their QuickStart training to gain promotions and advance their careers at their current employment companies.

Visit QuickStart Learning at http://www.QuickStart.com to begin IT certification training to advance your career or improve the skills of your teams to achieve organizational IT project goals.

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