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Reddit Talk now available on the mobile app, bringing podcasts to the platform; What are its features?

ByCindy J. Daddario

Feb 10, 2022

Reddit Talk is a new platform from the company that will focus on podcasts and live audio showcases to give content creators a new way to express themselves online. Reddit’s latest podcast platform resembles Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, offering live and recorded audio sessions online for people to talk and interact.

Reddit Talk: Podcast platform for showcasing live audio and recordings

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Last year, Reddit Talk was introduced to the platform with Redditors having a platform to introduce themselves and put different types of content online. But it has limitations being on a test phase and its initial release. Now it’s on a total blast announcing its full integration with the company’s mobile platform and adding new features to it.

Reddit said the new features allow for more interactions between listeners and hosts with hand-raising buttons, comments, and participation in the stream itself. Additionally, Reddit also brings emojis for working on the platform and a live bar for members.

The company also offers Reddit Talk content creators the ability to download recorded versions, which people can search and choose where to start or stop, as well as a pause and play option.

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Reddit Talk: Content Creators Get a New Platform for Showcase

The Reddit Talk will help those who are comfortable and used to the platform to continue their stream there instead of having multiple accounts or media outlets to use. Content creators are more likely to bring their influence or information to people through Reddit, not just the usual platforms found online.

Reddit Talk, Twitter Spaces and Clubhouse

Reddit is perhaps the third popular online company to introduce a new platform for people to have fun and express themselves by talking on the web with people they know and don’t know. The 2020 pandemic bringing COVID-19 has made audio-only platforms a massive case, and that only means people want social interaction despite the restrictions.

The pioneer of the audio-only chat room experience is Clubhouse. It initially featured an invite-only platform when it was in beta, making it an extremely limited app to join. It has become something of a social status for joining Clubhouse because it means its moderators have found the users interesting or found a friend who invited them.

After its popularity rose in the country, other companies also tried to get into the business, including Twitter with the Spaces feature. Reddit is the newest addition to those getting into the online audio and podcast business, which means the world is getting into the media consumption of different content, with more content coming soon.

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