• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Register pet cats and dogs via the mobile app in Noida


The Noida Authority has launched a mobile application to facilitate the registration of pets. Registration is required under administrative rules, but so far only a handful of people have come forward and have their pets registered, officials said.

To register, the animal owner must provide information such as name, age, type and breed of animal, gender, vaccination details, name and phone number of the owner, the address and the type of house (high-rise building, detached house, village) on the application. Three photos – two of the animal alone and one of the animal with the owner – must be uploaded. Owners must also upload their photos, identity card, digital signature and vaccination record of the animal.

Registration fees are Rs 1,000 per animal per year. It will have to be renewed every year. Currently, only cats and dogs are registered.

Individuals must register the animal within 15 days of possession.

“Owners should not leave the dog unattended in a public space such as a park, street, roads, etc. In addition, they should not allow the dog to defecate in the open on the ground. roads, streets, parks, etc. It is the owner’s responsibility that the neighbor and any other person are not disturbed have any problems with the maintenance and comfort of the pet or dog. It is forbidden to run a dog breeding center in any apartment / house in a residential area for commercial / sale / purchase purposes in order to avoid any type of disturbance for neighbors or any individual ”, state the rules of the Noida Authority.

If the owner of a registered animal dies or if the animal is adopted / purchased by someone else, the Authority must be notified within 15 days.

Previously, registration had to be done in person at the authority’s offices.


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