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Residents of Noida can register their pets through a mobile phone app

ByCindy J. Daddario

Sep 16, 2021

Noida: In order to promote the welfare of pet owners in Noida, the authority has launched an app for pet owners. Noida Pet Registration Android App for Pet Owners.

With the Noida Authority Pet Registration (NAPR) app, Noida residents can register a pet, file complaints, if the pet lays in public places

“Registering pets is easier!” Launched the Noida Pet Registration Android app (iOS version in 14 days) to facilitate seamless registrations for pet owners. Residents can also file complaints if the animal is carrying waste in public places or creating disturbances, ”tweeted General Manager, Noida Authority.

  • Pet owners will be required to register their pets, especially dogs and cats, every year.
  • The Noida Pet Registration app can be used for registration and fee payment.
  • The license fee for a pet owner to own a dog would be ??1000 / year.
  • After obtaining an official license from the competent authority, pet owners must indicate ownership of the animal within 15 days of possession.
  • Owners should not leave the dog unattended in a public space such as a park, street, roads, etc.
  • Owners should not allow the animal to defecate in the open on roads, streets, parks, etc.

“It is the owner’s responsibility that the neighbor and any other person are not disturbed / have any issues regarding the maintenance and comfort of the pet or dog. The management of a dog breeding center is prohibited in any apartment / house in a residential area for commercial selling purchasing purposes to avoid any kind of disturbance for neighbors or any individual ”, it reads in an official press release.

The official authority statement states that if the owner of the animal, responsible for paying the license fee to the local authority, dies or sells the animal or transfers the animal to another location or to another person , this information must be provided to the authority, that is to say within 15 days of such activity in written form.

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