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“Smart system” to allow you to reserve a parking space via a mobile application | News from Gurgaon

ByCindy J. Daddario

Sep 19, 2021

Gurgaon: The Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) is working on a plan to put in place a “sensor-based parking management and guidance system” to alleviate parking problems in the city. The authority is currently looking for places where such a plan can be adopted, GMDA officials said on Saturday.
According to officials, the system would be adopted on the basis of a public-private partnership (PPP), like the one already in place at Lucknow and in preparation for Bareilly. GMDA is also studying the possibility of setting up charging stations for electric vehicles.
“This is an intelligent parking concept using sensors, in which the entire parking system will be connected to GMDA’s integrated command and control center. Payment can be made by the customer by credit card or FASTags. People can reserve parking spaces using the ‘My Gurugram’ mobile app, ”a senior GMDA official told TOI.
“We are also studying the possibility of including charging stations for electric vehicles. For now, we are still discussing this plan and hope to adopt it soon. We believe that smart parking is a way to solve the problem of random parking in the city, ”the official said.
Although GMDA initially planned to adopt the system at three locations – Udyog Vihar, Sadar Bazaar and near Rajiv Chowk, some of the busiest places in the city – it was found upon closer examination that parking in these areas was found. was “not feasible,” officials said.
Indeed, parking management is already undertaken by the Haryana State Industrial Development and Infrastructure Corporation in Udyog Vihar and by the Gurgaon Municipal Corporation in Sadar Bazar. Meanwhile, the available land near Rajiv Chowk does not belong to GMDA, officials said.
The lack of designated parking spaces in Gurgaon has been a constant problem for commuters and residents for several years.
In the absence of sufficiently demarcated parking spaces, people tend to park their vehicles on main roads or at the side of the road.

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