• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

Take advantage of the increase in mobile phone payments

ByCindy J. Daddario

Oct 28, 2022

VMC: Contactless is now the new norm, but the way consumers engage with cashless is changing. The growing popularity of mobile phone payments (using Apple/Google Pay) is an important development that we believe will lead to the next stage of innovation in contactless selling.

So, as a carrier, how can you take advantage of this increase in mobile phone payments?? By adding options such as loyalty, rewards and promotions to your offer, you can increase your sales by encouraging repeat purchases. You might even consider emulating many high street hotel chains, introducing an app that makes all these benefits easily accessible – and makes buying simpler.

“We’re focused on what else contactless can do for your business,” said Laura Barwell, business development manager at VMC. “With the power of VMC Flex technology behind your contactless system, you can add value to your offering in the form of advanced loyalty programs, detailed customer data capture, tailored promotions and even green initiatives. Access to quality information about your customers and their buying habits allows you to increase your sales and increase customer engagement like never before.

VMCCOO Jill Bode said: “The beauty of VMC payment solutions is their flexibility, and we’ve enhanced that with the addition of the Payter payment terminal to our portfolio. This new terminal offers our customers a 4G-ready reader that is very quick to set up, and supports payment by contactless cards, mobile phones and even QR codes. Instant connection via SIM enables immediate service and Elavon’s competitive transaction rates make this a truly attractive package.

VMC has been at the forefront of payments since 1991, providing flexible solutions for cashless payments at vending machines and vending machines. We have always been committed to continuous development and during the pandemic we have developed brand new solutions like online ordering and track and trace to meet the changing needs of our customers.

“We will be in booth 3 at Vendex North and everyone is welcome to see our systems in action,” Laura said.

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