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Tesla Semi frunk, Megacharger port and more shown in mobile app

ByCindy J. Daddario

Nov 11, 2022

Tesla begins to integrate Tesla Semi, its electric semi-trailer, into its mobile application before the start of deliveries to customers. It shows the truck frunk, Megacharger port, and more.

Five years after unveiling the electric truck, Tesla finally put the vehicle into production last month.

At the time, the automaker said deliveries to customers would begin on December 1.

The date should bring more than just deliveries to customers, as Tesla is expected to release more details about the production version of the truck, particularly the price.

Before deliveries begin, Tesla is integrating the electric truck into its mobile app, which is one of the primary ways owners interact with their Tesla vehicles.

Now it looks like owners of Tesla utility vehicles, like Tesla Semi, are going to enjoy a similar experience to owners of Tesla passenger vehicles.

The company has now added a 3D model of the Tesla Semi in a new mobile app update:

The images don’t reveal anything really new, but people seem particularly impressed with the size of the electric truck’s sun visor:

Tesla Semi Sun Visor

This is the result of Tesla opting for a centered driver’s seat for the cockpit of the electric truck.

The app also displays the Tesla Semi’s frunk and Megacharger port:

Based on this app update, which is still in the backend and not visible to customers, it looks like Tesla is preparing to integrate Tesla Semi customers into its ecosystem.

Electrek’s Grasp

Tesla’s mobile app should be very useful for Tesla Semi customers. Some features introduced by Tesla for its passenger vehicles could be very useful for managing a fleet of Tesla Semi trucks.

Things like “driver profiles,” which allow a Tesla owner to manage who can drive their vehicles, will be particularly helpful.

Tesla could also use its level of connectivity inside its vehicles and through the app to offer new commercial fleet management tools to owners.

The possibilities are virtually limitless. I can’t wait to see what the team at Tesla Semi can come up with now that the vehicles are finally in the hands of customers.

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