• Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

the management of procedures with the Administration from your mobile phone

ByCindy J. Daddario

Sep 14, 2022

Last July, the government announced that it had updated Spain’s digital agenda and, as part of this, a new project called “Citizen’s File” was launched. A government plan to carry out many procedures online with the administration on our mobileso that you can skip the step of running them through the web.

It was then reported that the new Citizen Folder was preparing to enter a testing phase where user feedback would be collected to improve the product. This testing phase began today as the folder becomes fully functional. And also the two apps, both iOS and androidhave been renewed.

What does ‘My Citizen Folder’ offer and how to download it

With the initial presentation, the Government announced that the new Citizen File would become a private space that would allow citizens to consult the status of their files, access pending notifications, manage powers of attorney or consult data held by administration. This changed with the arrival of the Citizen File 3.0which came from the hand of a mobile application and more associated procedures.

Months later, the government officially announced the new phase. The product now known as “My citizen file” it is open to all audiences although in the test, beta and pilot program phase “to collect your comments and improve the product”. But all the same, a viable product that will begin to improve from its own use.

The new “My Citizen File” announced today will allow us to consult our educational and training records, consult information on our identity and residence documents, consult our living and employment situation, access medical history who is registered in the national health system and even view information about our vehicles. We will also be able to consult the data that the administrations have exchanged with our agreement within the framework of the transparency plan.

To access ‘My Citizen File‘ we will need to identify ourselves via [email protected] For this we can use our “Electronic DNI, any recognized electronic certificate and also agreed key systems such as PIN key and permanent key“. We leave you the download data for the two versions of the ‘My Citizen Folder’ app for iOS and Android.

My citizen file