• Thu. Dec 1st, 2022

‘The OC’ and ‘Gotham’ star Ben McKenzie thinks celebrities should stop talking about crypto and bitcoin

ByCindy J. Daddario

Feb 5, 2022

Cryptocurrency has been the subject of a number of news reports throughout the year, with more variants emerging and attracting more press coverage. And now a celebrity is doing the opposite of most… Ben McKenzie is urging celebrities to stop talking about cryptocurrency.

Celebrities have pioneered and endorsed a wide range of internet projects, from cryptocurrencies to NFTs.

Ben McKenzie has appeared in a number of notable shows including the popular drama That’s OKwhere he played Ryan Atwood, propelled him to teenage status and eventually stardom.

He went on to star in many theater shows, films and television series, most notably as a young James Gordon in the fan-favorite Batman prequel Gotham.

McKenzie recently co-authored an article for slate with Jacob Silverman, best known for his 2015 book Terms of Use: Social Media and the Price of Always Connected.

In the article, titled “Celebrity crypto shilling is a moral disaster,” McKenzie criticized Kim Kardashian and other celebrities for urging their social media followers to invest in cryptocurrencies.

“She is challenging her 251 million Instagram followers to get involved in a highly volatile, speculative market that is little different from gambling in the world’s most fraudulent casino. The Hollywoodization of crypto is a moral disaster. And for the celebrity fans who probably have a lot less money to lose, it might be a financial one, too.

These rich and famous entertainers might as well be pushing payday loans or putting their audience at a rigged blackjack table. While crypto’s wild swings may be exciting for some, the rewards are illusory for many, especially when moving beyond the top few cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum.”

Since then, McKenzie and Silverman have written other articles about crypto for the same publication. A deep dive into the nature and issues of Tether, a so-called “stablecoin” at the heart of much of the crypto-economy, is one of them.

However, these articles will not be McKenzie and Silverman’s last word on the matter. The couple is writing a book about the cryptocurrency industry and scams, but there’s no firm release date yet.

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