• Sat. Jul 2nd, 2022

This mobile app makes it a bit easier to move screenshots from the switches to your phone

Image: Filip Němeček

Be in the write-about-video-games As a company, we spend quite a bit of time transferring screenshots from our devices to our phones or PCs – maybe more than most. Some of us have set up nifty capture cards that immediately record to hard drive, but the rest of us rely on Nintendo’s own screenshot transfer solution of either transferring the micro SD card on your PC, either scanning a QR code on your Switch with your smartphone and saving each screenshot on your camera roll individually.

That’s fine – it works – but the process could be smoother, which is where SwitchBuddy comes in. Developed by Filip NÄ›meček, this mobile app has been around for a while now and aims to make the transfer a little less painful by essentially streamlining laborious tasks. “Save to Camera Roll” bit.

You will still have to select the images you want on your Switch and “Send to a smart device” (feel free to consult our guide if you need more information on this), but while the option of Nintendo requires you to press and hold each image individually To save them to your device, SwitchBuddy has an interface that does the same with a push of a button. On iOS, it also has the option to save screenshots directly to iCloud Drive if you don’t want to clog your Camera Roll.

SwitchBuddy also allows you to tweet or forward the selected images through various apps to any recipient you want without downloading them yourself, if you prefer. Take a look at our own tests where we uploaded these rather tantalizing shots of Blasphemous and Metroid Dread:

Does this change the game? Well no. It’s barely a massive difference – and that means you must have another one (free) app on your phone – but it’s true that it’s smoother than Nintendo’s own solution and it’ll save you time and time, which could be invaluable if, like us, you transfer lots of photos of your Switch in the larger digital world. It also comes with a few nifty color themes to choose from.

Improved speed and ease of use? Folder selection? Color themes? Looks like Nintendo could learn a thing or two. The app is free to download / use and is available on the App Store, Google Play, or the SwitchBuddy website.

Let us know below if you already use this app, or if you could check it out in the future.