• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Tracking your charging costs just got easier with the latest Tesla Mobile app update

ByCindy J. Daddario

Jan 29, 2022

Tesla released a new version of its mobile app on Friday afternoon, adding a new feature that makes it easier to track your charging costs.

The release notes for version 4.5.1 on the iOS App Store are the same as the previous version, stating that only minor bugfixes and improvements were included, but closer examination shows that it there is now a new tab called Charge Stats. (h/t: @kkvr2823)

The new tab displays a 31-day rolling average of your billing statistics and costs, based on @Teslascopewhich claims that this feature has been in the hands of a few owners over the past year for limited testing.

Once in the tab, you can set it up for your utility provider (there’s a long pre-populated list that you can filter by your location) so the app does the calculations with your local electricity rates.

Once you have it, you can see both the house, boost and “other” costs, as well as the total amount of kWh charged during the period.

The app also provides a gas equivalent cost to show how much you save by going electric.

This update is now available on the iOS App Store, but seems to be coming out in waves as not everyone can download the latest version.