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Trump administration buffoons with “make federal buildings beautiful again”

ByCindy J. Daddario

Mar 9, 2021


Many thanks to the Sun Times editorial staff for finally calling a spade in its shape as a spade criticism Donald Trump’s latest buffoon: The draft regulation now circulating in his administration is titled, if you can believe it, “Making Federal Buildings Beautiful Again”.

In the manner of dictators of the past including Hitler, Franco, Mussolini and Stalin, the people in the Trump administration now want to dictate the architectural style for future federal buildings by ordering that they revert to the look of the Roman Empire – glorious in its day , but hardly suitable anymore.

There is no doubt that the global architecture community will have a lot to say about this. More importantly, by labeling this action “reactionary”, the editorial has finally defined the true nature of our political right, which is usually euphemistically referred to as “conservative”. In reality, our political right is really just trying to maintain its power. It doesn’t care about the conservation of what matters: our planet, air and water, natural wonders, a person, a voice, or a fair sharing of the wealth of our land or our work.

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Instead, their impulse fits the definition of reactionary more precisely: they prefer “a formerly outdated political or social order or politics”. The sooner the journalism community recognizes this and gives up the use of “conservative” in favor of “reactionary”, the sooner it will embrace political reality.

Consistent use here in Chicago could even induce journalists elsewhere to follow suit in the interests of truth and accuracy.

Ted Z. Manuel, Hyde Park

Limbaugh’s Medal

If Rush Limbaugh deserves the Medal of Freedom, then this letter qualifies me for the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Leonard Hall, LaGrange Highlands

Federal Plaza goes unnoticed

I agree with you editorial about the Trump administration’s ill-conceived plan for a President’s Committee for the Re-Beautification of Federal Architecture. However, the Sun-Times, which calls Federal Plaza a “collection of prominent buildings,” is incorrect. The buildings in the square are strikingly bland, especially when compared to the many architectural gems Chicago has to offer.

Ted Staroscik, Darien

Training of students “in the zone”

I read Maudlyne Ihejirika’s February 6th pillar and am so impressed with her depth of research that she brings us a really heartfelt column. I definitely hope that she will introduce us to the film “In the Zone”, that it will be feverishly welcomed in all neighborhood cinemas and possibly even be the subject of a compulsory class trip. Thank you for sharing this remarkable experience with your readers.

Rosemarie Sulek, Wildwood


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