• Thu. May 19th, 2022

Turn your cellphone into a fully automated cameraman with Blink Focos

Silicon Valley based AI startup, Blink Tech Inc.., is trying to revolutionize the video recording experience with its Blink Focos app and Gimbal tool. The technology aims to turn your mobile phone into a fully automated cameraman by leveraging AI and computer vision.

According to Blink Tech, traditionally, most people use a mobile phone as the only tool and medium to capture an experience. Noting that video equipment is often bulky or expensive. So, whether it’s price or lack of accessibility, Blink wants to give you a one-stop-shop tool. One that’s at your fingertips to capture any experience in full automation with the ability to zoom in and out as well as live streaming.

Flashing Focos
Our product – FOCOS App (analyze video images from phone camera and control the Gimbal via Bluetooth) and Gimbal (battery life up to 5 hours which is foldable to palm size) which work with each other with the others

With the Blink Focos app, captured video clips can be uploaded to the live cloud for you to review. It also provides you with data analysis features which analyze motion, speed.

We have developed a rotating smart phone holder with an AI application. Owhich basically enables smartphones to automatically record sports matches such as football or basketball matches. In addition, it supports live streaming of sports games over the Internet and can help customers edit and analyze recorded game videos from the cloud. It is the first smartphone-based intelligent recording solution to date.

How Blink Focos Works

Blink Tech claims that all consumers can leverage their product to capture life’s moments every day. Noting that it is not limited only to sports. “You can capture your families, friends, events you attend or any other memories you want to support effortlessly and vividly“.

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