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Without a cell phone, there is a risk of paying traffic charges

Buying parking tickets by mobile phone – it sounds modern and convenient, and it usually is. Instead of looking for the right device change, you can tap your mobile and pay the fees. If the journey takes longer, the parking time can easily be extended while on the go.

The digital age is now also reaching Lohmen in Saxon Switzerland. “Luhmen drivers can now buy their parking tickets with their smartphone,” said a statement released by the community on October 1. This digital card explains that it has many advantages, with which you can pay cashless and completely contactless.

However, what is not explicitly stated in the announcement: With the new mobile parking lot, Lohmen charges fees in many parking lots intended primarily for hiking. More precisely, these are the hiking car park of Moelsdorf, that of Daubemühle and the Wesenitztal / Lohmener Klamm car park – a small gravel place on the road to Porschdorf – as explained by Björn Schwedes, responsible for public order, interrogates. So far visitors have been able to park their cars there for free, but the fee is now due.

Parking fees, but no parking meter

The new parking fees are paid by smartphone – and exclusively by smartphone. There is no traditional parking meter in the mentioned hiking parks. So if you want to park your car there, you need a cell phone with the right app.

What if you don’t have a smartphone? “So you can’t just sit there,” says Mayor Jörg Mildner (CDU). Or risk a ticket. According to the mayor, the measure mainly targets mobile homes which are legally authorized to park on such sites for one night. Mobile home owners are sure to have cell phones, otherwise they could not find remote parking spaces without the proper apps. The new payment concept also applies to the Alte Schäferei caravan park in Lohmen.

Liebethaler Grund. Parkings for hikers

However, the procedure concerns all guests. Day hikers who want to hike from Mühlsdorf or Daubemühle via the Liebethaler Grund to Lochmühle, the Richard Wagner monument or from the Wesenitztal / Lohmener Klamm go to the former hydroelectric power station Niezelgrund.

Do all older hikers have a smartphone? And if so, can you install the app you need?

The original idea was to install a central parking meter in the center of Luhmen, from where tickets for the surrounding parking spaces could also be drawn. But there are now doubts about this idea, explains Mayor Jörg Mildner. Because then visitors, who naturally arrived first at the car park, will have to return to the machine and then return to the car park.

Missing official banners

In general, the concept does not seem well thought out. Originally announced in early October, no indication of the new toll was found in any of the parking spaces. There are now green flags of the application provider Parkster, with whom Lohmen collaborates on the management. But it is similar to billboards and also contains the misleading phrase “No additional charge”.

There is nowhere to see that there are parking fees and how high they are. The official “Loaded” badge is completely missing. There is still room for improvement, says Mayor Mildner. Missing banners will be installed “Soon”. However, the fee schedule applies, says Mildner. “And we also control. “

Soon mobile parking will be available in Bastei

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The city council has decided to introduce new parking fees on July 1 of this year. Three hours at the price of 2 euros per car, and a day ticket 4 euros. For mobile homes there is one night in the car park for € 6. The Parkster app is available for free on Google Play and the Apple App Store. To park, drivers must enter the license plate number and the parking time. Payment is made on deposit or by credit card.

Mobile phone parking in the Basti car park is still supposed to be possible in November, but only on days with few visitors and when the barrier system is not in use.

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