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You can get water delivered to your door 24/7 right from the app

ByCindy J. Daddario

Dec 19, 2021

The packaged water giant, Bisleri International, has launched a mobile app called Bisleri @Doorstep, promoting the D2C (Direct To Consumer) concept. The innovative and user-friendly app, currently active in 26 cities, is part of Bisleri International’s efforts to proliferate its e-commerce business and meet growing consumer needs.

The idea behind the app germinated during the Covid-19-induced lockdown, which locked everyone inside their homes. That’s when the company started delivering mineral water to the doorstep. Shortly after this initiative, the company announced the advent of the one-stop-shop platform where consumers can access all of the company’s products.

In addition, Bisleri also offered a subscription service to ensure an uninterrupted supply of fresh mineral water. The app is the last step towards strengthening the e-commerce branch of the business. Available for Android and iOS, the app will ensure that any order placed through it is delivered to the customer’s door within 24 hours.

Angelo George, CEO of Bisleri International, in an interview with the UNI news agency, said: “We want to take advantage of greater adoption of technology by consumers, to provide them with a seamless shopping experience. . We invest in solutions to improve our consumers’ understanding, make their shopping experience smoother and improve lead times. Speaking about additional programs, Angelo said that through the data collected by the app, the company will develop consumer profiles and further activate a personalized communication network that facilitates the company’s relationship with its consumers.

With the launch of the Bisleri @ Doorstep app, the company became the first in the business category to take a step in this direction and launch an e-commerce platform and app. “The number of people subscribing to our service is growing at a steady rate. We have seen a very encouraging increase in traffic to our website. We are confident that with the launch of this app, subscription and traffic will grow faster, ”said Angelo.

Bisleri mineral water goes through a rigorous 10-step process and approximately 114 tests to ensure that the best quality water is bottled and shipped for consumption. Currently, the e-commerce site provides direct home delivery within 48 hours. The application will take half of the time taken by the website.

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